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3 year olds

Preschool (PS-3) classes are available for children, 3 years old, as of September 1st of the current school year.We offer flexible scheduling, so parents have the option of selecting which days their child will attend between Monday and Friday. Click here for info on extended day hours for your child.

*Children in the PS-3 and pre-k classes are required to be potty trained.

Day One Christian Academy snacks and meals comply with the Nutrition and Food Service requirements regulated by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Monthly snack and meal menus are available on the Parent Resources page.

  • Breakfast  Preschool children should eat breakfast prior to coming to school each day, as we do not have our snack until mid-morning.
  • Snacks are served mid-morning and mid-afternoon to all classes. 
  • Lunch is served at 12pm for PS-3 classes. Parents may choose to provide the child's meals and/or snacks from home.


Faith Development Sharing our Christian faith and teaching children about Jesus allows children to grow in their relationship with Him. Opportunities exist in all classrooms to foster an environment of spiritual formation, through teacher/child interaction and integrating spiritual elements into lessons and activities. 

Art is an expression of God’s beauty in His creation. Children will develop awareness and learn to express themselves in a creative way and through a variety of media. Children will experience basic artistic elements and will be exposed to art of various cultures. 

Language Development helps children to build language skills and strategies through aural, oral, written and foreign language instruction and opportunities. Through language experiences children will be enabled to find enjoyment, information, insight and inspiration. Children are taught to speak and write effectively and appropriately in a variety of settings and for different purposes. Children will begin to learn to write letters and numerals correctly in order to convey the written language. Children will begin to learn to communicate in an expressive manner that is essential for their individual enrichment and enjoyment. 

Mathematics helps children to develop skills and enables them through experiences to become flexible thinkers and problem solvers. Children will become adept at the use of mathematics, reasoning, and memorization strategies through the use of age-appropriate manipulatives, visuals and print. Concepts are introduced through play, experience and discovery. Children who are developmentally ready and interested will have a variety of creative, resourceful and imaginative opportunities. Children in the PS-3 classes will supplement their mathematical skills with an exposure to “Math Their Way”, a developmentally appropriate curriculum utilizing the learning center atmosphere. 

Music helps children to explore their innermost feelings and gives them an opportunity to express themselves through musical expression and rhythmic movement. Children will begin to develop music literacy as they acquire skills through story-telling, movement, focused listening, tap, use of instruments, dance and rhythm.

Physical Education and Health contributes to the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and social development of children. Children will develop a sense of personal well-being, healthy choices, self-discipline and interpersonal relationships through interactive movement, games and activities. Our philosophy during this time is to encourage a sense of cooperation and trust rather than competition. We want to foster the expansion of each individual’s abilities. 

Social Studies Children will learn to appreciate themselves as children of God, the world as His creation, and their roles as Christian citizens. Children will begin to understand the relationships among themselves, their family and the community through various holidays, events, and service opportunities. 

Science and Discovery is the study of the universe God has created for us to use, care for, and enjoy. Children will explore the natural laws God has put into existence to give the universe order and to benefit those He loves. Children will begin to apply concepts of basic science through discovery.