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Our admissions process is designed to help both the parents, and the Day One administrators, determine if Day One is the best fit for each child seeking to enroll. The acceptance and ongoing enrollment of any child at Day One is contingent upon approval from the director, who is responsible for assuring the overall welfare of the program. Day One is not qualified or equipped to accept all children with special needs. Day One will evaluate each child to determine whether we can serve them.

Should your family decide to join ours, follow the application link provided below. Please call 281-333-3323 for enrollment availability prior to submitting an application.

(Registration Forms 2024-2025) Rock link goes here   

Required documents to be submitted with application:

  • Copy of Insurance (re-enrolling students only if change)
  • Current Immunizations (birth through present age)
  • Volunteer Form
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Verification of Birth Facts (If not on file)
  • Doctor Signed Health Statement with past 12 months


The following forms will be available for signature in the tuition office once your child is accepted to our program:

  • Policy and Tuition Agreement
  • Simply Giving Enrollment Form
  • Parent Handbook Policies Agreement


Day One Christian Academy is a non-profit ministry of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. Tuition rates are established annually to cover program expenses, and are subject to change, as conditions require.

Tuition Rates Click HERE for rates

Tuition Payments
Families are required to enroll and pay monthly tuition fees through Simply Giving. This method provides a convenient and efficient management of the tuition collection process, including an automatic bank draft, with options for drafting your payments on a monthly/bi-monthly basis. You can also pay for drop-in, enrollment fees, or make contributions/donations.

Tuition is calculated each school year and divided equally on a monthly basis, so that partial weeks and/or months are not pro-rated. All fees for the current school year are required to be paid prior to attending the first day of the new school year.

Tuition Discounts
Qualifying families will receive only one of the following discounts:

  • A 10% Discount is offered to the eligible sibling whose tuition is the lowest.
  • A 10% Discount is offered to the parents of children whose family is actively serving in the military.

The greater of the discounts will be applied to the monthly tuition. Documentation of financial responsibility will be required from grandparents and/or legal guardians prior to receiving the discount.

Scholarships are available. Please email  for the application or for more information. 

Annual Registration Fees
A $75.00 Application Fee is required with the Registration Form. Upon acceptance, a $225.00 Enrollment Fee is required to secure your child’s placement. Placement is secured for up to 90 days from the anticipated start date. Application and Enrollment Fees are non-refundable and are not discounted. All fees must be secured prior to August of the new school year.

Families enrolling mid-school year are required to pay 50% of all fees after March 1st, and 25% after June 1st. Fees paid after June 1st are required, in addition to the upcoming school year’s fees.