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Day One Christian Academy has developed an age-appropriate, child-focused curriculum to meet the needs of children as they interact with the world God made. Our curriculum is designed to cultivate each child’s language skills, develop communication and social skills, encourage creative expression, foster a positive self image and stimulate spiritual growth. We believe children learn best through actively engaging with people and things in their environment.

Each age level uses a curriculum for planning classroom activities, and can be found in each classroom, and in the school office. The curriculum is also available for viewing by contacting the Associate Director of Curriculum and Resources.

Accreditation and Association
Day One Christian Academy adheres to the high standards set by the Texas and National Lutheran School Accreditation Commission, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and the Texas Education Association (TEA)

Classroom Assignments
Classroom assignments are based on each individual child’s chronological age, developmental age, emotional age, and physical age. We will typically transition children to new classrooms twice per year in the infant and toddler classrooms, and once per year in the preschool and prekindergarten classrooms. In some cases, it may be in the child’s best interest for the parent or teacher to request a transition sooner, based on the individual needs of that child.

Teacher to Child Ratios
Day One Christian Academy offers a long-tenured, nurturing and quality faculty to serve the needs of the children and their families. A low child to teacher ratio is maintained, so that we may provide each child with plenty of individual attention. Children are grouped according to age, gender and abilities within the faculty to child ratios. The school meets or exceeds the state of Texas recommended ratios in all classrooms. In unusual cases, we may be required to follow state ratios.  

Outdoor Play
At Day One Christian Academy, outdoor play is an essential part of each child’s daily routine. The time children spend outdoors each day is just as important to learning as the time spent in the classroom. Children should arrive each day prepared to play outside. Please do not request that your child stay indoors. As outlined in the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services, children who are too sick to go outside, should not be at school. Outdoor exposure offers many ways to enrich the curriculum and support children’s learning and development. The school utilizes weather guidelines to ensure the children have appropriate exposure to the outdoors during extreme weather. Flexibility in the schedule also allows us to extend our outdoor play on fair weather days.

Quiet Time
Supervised quiet periods are required for all children, under 5 years of age, who remain at school for 6+ hours/day, or who demonstrate a need to rest. Your child will be provided a mat and a mat cover for resting. Please provide a clean blanket for quiet time. You may also provide a special stuffed animal, if desired, but it needs to be small in size and able to be stored. All linens will be sent home at the end of each week (or as needed) to be laundered and returned the next day of class.

Extracurricular Classes

  • Library - Children are exposed to the library as they explore language through text. As children enter into the prekindergarten levels of our program, their library experience includes new stories, book buddies, a discussion of the story presented, and then a reinforcement (or recreation) of the story, through activities that develop their imagination. After story time, children are free to browse the books in the library. Many skills are developed and reinforced through literature, such as, written, aural and oral.
  • Music- Infants through pre-kindergarten enjoy singing favorite songs, as well as learning about rhythm and composition, various instruments and the sounds they make. Movement adds to the learning and enjoyment of the music curriculum. Children develop listening skills as they explore lyrics, pitch, tone, dynamics, and tempo.
  • Spanish
  • Clubhouse

Extracurricular Activities

  • D.K.’s TumbleBus, LLC - comes to Day One on various days during the week, benefiting children, 2 years old - prekindergarten. This is a great extracurricular activity that your child may participate in for a small fee. Please call the D.K. TumbleBus office at 281-996-8027 if you have any questions, or stop by the school office for a registration form. D.K.'s Tumblebus, LLC is a full-sized school bus converted into a safe and fun gymnasium containing the following: bars, beams, vault, monkey bars, ball pit, mountain climbing, trampoline, zip line cargo net and much more! This is a great way to promote self-confidence, improve fitness, and enhance physical and motor development. D.K.'s Tumblebus, LLC maintains liability insurance coverage.